Pouria Jourghanian, MD


MD,  Acne Specialist

Skin Care Researcher


Pouria is a highly accomplished medical professional with a wealth of experience in the field of skin and hair health. He graduated from the Iran University of Medical Sciences in 2000 and earned an MBA in Industrial Management Organization. His years of practical experience as a specialist in this field and his tenure as CEO of Vionasun Company for ten years have given him a deep understanding of the industry.

Pouria is particularly interested in acne research and treatment and has dedicated the last five years to this study area. His dedication to this field has led him to develop a specialized telemedicine platform to help patients with acne receive the best treatment possible.

In addition to his clinical work, Pouria is also dedicated to education and has held various courses for medical professionals, pharmacists and beauty experts to help them improve their knowledge and skills in this field. His passion for teaching and wealth of experience make him a valuable asset to any team.